A PHP library that provides an incredibly easy way to access Twitter data formatted as JSON or a RSS feed

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Tweetledee Help


Find a bug? Please post it as a new issue on GitHub.

Please include the following in your bug report:

  • PHP version that you are using
  • Tweetledee version that you are using (listed at the top of every file in comment)
  • Any error message(s) that you receive
  • A detailed description of when/how the error takes place

If you are comfortable making a change in the file to help with debugging, please switch the $TLD_DEBUG flag to 1 like this:




Then run the file again and record any error messages for your bug report.

Thanks for taking the time to report it!


Having trouble? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @csimpkins and I'd be happy to help you sort it out.



What version of PHP do I need to use Tweetledee?

Version 5.3 or above for the RSS feed and standard JSON files. As of version 0.4.1 of Tweetledee, JSON pretty printing is also supported for PHP versions 5.3+. Previous versions supported JSON pretty printing for PHP versions 5.4 or above.

How do I get my Twitter OAuth tokens/keys?

You need to make a Twitter application

I don't make applications. Does that mean that I can't use Tweetledee?

Tweetledee acts as your application and allows you to access Twitter data through the Twitter API. You can designate the domain where you install and use Tweetledee as the application URL.

How do I make a Twitter application?

Please see the detailed guide on the home page of this documentation site

What is the URL for the new application page on the Twitter developers site?


I get the error "verify_credentials connection failure error". What is that?

It generally means that you exceeded the Twitter API rate limits. Please see this page for the Twitter limits. As of version 0.2.8 of Tweetledee, the error message that is displayed when you exceed the Twitter rate limits was changed to "Exceeded Twitter API rate limit".

What does the Twitter API limit of "15" mean?

You can access the Twitter API 15 times every 15 minutes for these API resources.

What does the Twitter API limit of "180" mean?

You can access the Twitter API 180 times every 15 minutes for these API resources.

What happens if I exceed the API limit for my account?

Twitter blocks your access to their API data until the remainder of that 15 minute block of time has elapsed. You will receive an error message if you continue to attempt to retrieve new data during this period.

How do I avoid exceeding my limit when I use Tweetledee?

Use the cached versions of the Tweetledee files or implement your own caching for the data that you serve to your users. See the Caching section of the documentation for more information.